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NARC: Convictions of a DEA Agent

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by Sal M. Martinez

The Juarez Cartel had total control of a major drug gateway between Giudad Juarez and El Paso in the 1990's. No American agents were assigned to work there because of the risk, and appalling danger that became the focus of books and movies. Sal crossed the line and became a pioneer in the war against the cartel in the most violent city in the world.
Sal was a highly decorated Dug Enforcement Administration Special Agent. As an undercover agent, he seized tons of illicit drugs, arrested countless criminals, and worked in Mexico illegally. He did what was necessary in the war on drugs. On the way, he gave in to the rules and mentality of the underworld - deception, manipulation, and death.
The government Sal nearly died for turned on him, a scaring betrayal. This is an extraordinary story of someone who lived in both extremes of our criminal justice system. He went through something no one ever wants to experience and was forced to play his biggest undercover role to stay alive.
When the government wants you, they will get you. Sal knew that because he did it for a living. Expedition of punishment took precedence over the presentation of factual innocence. For those who have been arrested, the reality is 'guilty until proven innocent.' For those betrayed, the pain is unending.

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