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Trained Up: A Book About Trusting God

$14.95 + tax
Written by Melissa Urtiaga
Illustrated by Katie Paul 


Melissa Urtiaga
As a mother of two and a lower elementary/preschool teacher, Melissa values the importance of teaching young children the things of GOD found in HIS Word, the Bible. She counts it a privilege and a blessing to serve and further HIS Kingdom's purpose in this manner. In 2008, the LORD put a pen to Melissa's hand. "I understood what that meant, because I had recently begun to write. Although at the time, I had no idea of ever publishing, people would tell me, particularly my father, that I should write a book." After many years, waiting for GOD's perfect timing, the promise that Melissa made to her dad that she would one day publish a book has finally come into fruition. "To GOD be all the glory, honor, and praise, for this is HIS Work; I am merely an instrumental vessel who HE has chosen to use." Follow Melissa on her author Facebook page at Melissa Utiaga - Author.
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