The Original Beeswax Old World Furniture Polish

$13.95 + tax
from Bee's Wax Polish

Product Features
  • Bathroom mirrors won’t fog and it makes glass invisible like it’s not even there!
  • Won’t fingerprint stainless steel. Cleans all other metals: copper, brass, silver, etc
  • Say goodbye to Soap scum buildup on shower doors and tile walls. Surfaces stay vibrant.
  • Moisturizes, cleans and restores vibrant color to leather furniture, car seats, shoes, purses, etc. with no greasy feel.
  • Restores and preserves the natural beauty of wood, prevents dryness. Won’t fingerprint. No wax buildup ever and no buffing.
  • Leaves surface crystal clear and dust free
  • Eliminates sticking for easy sliding and gliding
  • Cleans and repels dust and dirt
  • Makes granite, marble, corian, paper stone and silestone acid resistant to protect from spills of acidic liquids such as coffee, orange juice, lemon etc. and is food safe for countertops. Never greasy.
  • Piano – Guitar – Violins Preserves the finish and enhances the true beauty of the wood also great for cymbals
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