June 2021
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The Birthday Girl

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Kind Spirit T-Shirt

$21.99 + tax
Designed & Produced by WCN, Inc.
Shipping included in price!

This warm-toned shirt is sure to bring a smile to whoever it is gifted to! Let your loved one know that they have a kind spirit by giving them a shirt to match it!

Available in sizes XS through 2XL
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Hill Country Lavender Travel Set

$13.95 + tax
From Fredericksburg Farms
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This travel set from Fredericksburg Farms includes travel-size/sample-size versions of their all-natural goat milk based products! Their Hill Country Lavender scent in this set is calming and sweet, but don't forget to check out the Texas Bluebonnet Travel Set and the River Oaks Rosemary Travel Set for some different options!

This set includes Hill Country Lavender scented shampoo, conditioner, goat milk lotion, and goat milk bar soap.
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Faith Over Fear Cross Necklace

$26.95 + tax
From Lenny & Eva
Shipping included in price!

It's never a bad time to remind your Birthday Girl that she is strong! Faith is greater than Fear, and this Faith Over Fear Cross Necklace from Lenny and Eva is a great way to remind your loved one that they are stronger than anything the world throws their way!

Accompanying each necklace is a card with encouraging and inspirational language to lift you up.
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The Birthday Boy

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Comic Book Pocket Notebook

$4.95 + tax
Shipping included in price!

This pocket-sized notebook was designed for aspiring comic boom writers, with built-in comic boxes and all! Buy it as a gift for young artists, or buy it for yourself to pick up a new creative hobby! A picture holds one-thousand words, after all.
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Isaiah 40:31 Visor Clip

$11.50 + tax
Shipping included in price!

This visor clip is perfect for any hat or visor and handy for so many things! The message inscribed on it is inspiring and serves as a reminder to you and those around you to place your trust in God! Gift it to a loved one on any occassion!
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