Bee's Wax Polish

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About Bee's Wax Original Polish

     The Original Beeswax Old World Formula Furniture Polish brings out the true natural grain and luster of all woods and leaves a clean, dry shine with no wax build-up and no greasy film. This polish is excellent for antiques, fine furniture, leather, glass, and Formica. Beeswax polish is amazing for windows & mirrors. No fingerprints ever! No wax buildup ever! No buffing ever! There is only one Original and only the Original does it all - and does it better! Not to mention: it's made in the USA! Beeswax polish is great to dust off old and new family treasures as you put up or dig out to enjoy for the new season. Beeswax polish is great to prepare and clean up after with a bonus of it's status as Food Safe!

    If you ever have any questions about Bee's Wax Polish, feel free to call them 1-800-568-1413.

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