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About Gleeful Peacock

Gleeful Peacock is the product of the imagination and determination of Nikki Halgren-Carpenter. Born and raised in Utah, her creative mom and businessman dad, instilled a strong foundation in Nikki. Her wild heart took her on a teenage adventure to Hawaii to live with family, but she eventually returned home to Utah where she was domesticated. Her life as a wife and mother brought her to Oklahoma in 2006. She has called Tulsa home ever since. Life takes its turns, and one of those turns left Nikki as a single mom, who was determined to provide for her family of two. She got serious about her childhood business idea, and in 2009 Gleeful Peacock became her second child.
Nikki draws inspiration for her line from everywhere. Current colors, fashion trends, retro classics, vintage vibes, nature and life. She created her Reminder Tokens as wearable little mantras for life’s lessons. Some painful, some pleasurable, but each one personal and universal. It’s this genuine approach to creating unique pieces that has kept Gleeful Peacock relevant.
Inspiration comes from all things that make you smile and the belief that the world is a beautiful place. Modern color schemes and a few pop culture references make for a fun and gleeful line.
No two items are exactly alike. Every item you get is a one-of-a-kind. We've been hand-painting items for 11 years and plan to keep doing it this way. We believe in the love that a hand made item carries.
“Nostalgia is a huge part of my inspiration, as well as color trends, vintage themes, and nature. We are always right on trend, but it’s very important to me that our designs still feel true to my own vision and speak to my soul.” - Nikki, Owner

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